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The PENguin Pen
To read about the development of the PENguin Pen, click here.
January 2014 Update:
We are pleased to be able to offer an example of the long-since sold out PENguin Pen which we were recently able to acquire from a client. Sold
May 2012 Update:
Completely SOLD OUT
January 2012 Update:
We have just 2 pens remaining--numbers 16 & 18. Available with a variety of nibs. The price is $850. Contact us for details.
May 2011 Update:
The final batch of PENguin Pens is currently in production. Please Inquire for numbers and availability.
April 2010 Update:
The third batch of PENguin Pens is complete. There are no remaining pens available.
March 2009 Update:
The first two batches of The PENguin pen are complete and have been shipped to their happy owners. We can still make two more lots. E-mail me if you are interested.
"I am enjoying this PENguin very much. What a pen!" - Chris Chalmers.
The Penguin stands guard over his PENguin Pen down under --courtesy of Chris Chalmers.  
October Update:
The PENguin pen is complete and the first lot has been shipped to several happy owners. More will go out in the next week. In the meantime there is one pen from the first two lots available at $1050.00. Contact me if you are interested.
July Update:
The PENguin Pen is now in production. Bruno is currently making the first batch of four pens, with another to follow. We plan to make no more than twenty of these pens, all by subscription, so if you want one, especially with the number of your choice, this is the best time to place an order.
March Update:
Woo hoo! Development is finally done! We expect to begin production in the next few weeks and are ready to take orders. What you see below is the pen in final prototype. We still need to slim down the clip a bit and begin casting in gold, rather than bronze. We are now taking orders, please feel free to contact us.
Photos by Bill Riepl
January 2007 Update:
Work on The PENguin Pen continues, as reported on the front page. The pen has acquired an accent line just above the caplip. Visually, it breaks up the long line of the cap. In addition, the yellow Emperor Penguin accent just below the clip is to be widened and Bruce is now designing the clip. As soon as all the pieces are in place we will do photos and begin taking orders.
News From The PENguin

Another great pen day has brought us the first two prototypes for the new PENguin Pen. These are pre-production, fully functioning pens.

This is a large pen, the size, roughly, of the Pelikan M1000. It is made of a combination of traditional and modern materials, principally black hard rubber and acrylics. It is a very high quality piston filler using fully reconditioned vintage parts. The nib is a large German made two tone 18 Karat that everyone recognizes and respects. For its size the pen is surprisingly light, well balanced enough that it writes well and feels good either posted or not. The one thing you do not now see is that the final version(s) will have an original clip of our own design.

The maker is my good friend Bruce Hirschman of Bruno Corsini pens so you know that all parts are and will be hand turned and finished to the very finest standards.

We plan on producing no more than twenty five pens. If you seek more information feel free to e-mail me, but for now we mostly want your feedback, both online and in person. We plan to have pre-production samples available to test at the Chicago Pen Show.


[Size comparison: 100, M800, PENguinPen prototype.]

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