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Rick PropasRick Propas is the sole proprietor of The PENguin, a website for fountain pen collectors that focuses on Parkers, Pelikans and other German and American pens.

My first pen was my father's Parker 51 and 51s remain an important, if incomplete, part of my core collection along with Parker Vacumatics and Pelikans. I wrote my doctoral dissertation with another pen from my parents, a sterling cisele Parker 75.

I've been collecting pens for two decades, and quite seriously for most of that time. About twelve years ago I helped found the Pan Pacific Pen Collectors Club, and since then I have been involved seriously in the nationwide community of pen collectors. In addition to my collecting, I have been editor of one of the leading pen publications. In order to suport the hobby, I also teach United States history at San José State University.

One of the most valuable aspects of pen collecting, at least to me, is community. This site helps draw me into the community of pen collectors. For those of you who are seriously interested in pens, you really owe it to yourself to join the Pen Collectors of America. Just follow this link:

The pens for sale here are from three broad categories, pens that no longer fit in my collection, pens that are duplicates, and pens that I have gotten a good buy on and wish to pass on to you. For that reason, most, but not all, of the pens offered here will be Parkers and Pelikans.

My promise: Every pen listed here is accurately described and in full working condition, ready to be used, and is guaranteed to you for two years.

In most cases, every pen I offer has been fully restored to as good or better condition than the pens in my own collection. Most pens have been "remanufactured" in the sense that I disassemble and ultrasonically clean them as necessary. I then reassemble the pens replacing sacs, diaphragms, corks, any parts susceptible to wear. If there are any broken or damaged parts, I replace them using only genuine, authentic and appropriate replacements. I then clean and hand polish. I never use a buffer; in my view they are too aggressive for older pens. I write-in every pen, carefully adjusting the nib and flow for maximum performance. Any replacement parts are original, authentic and appropriate to the model. Any cosmetic or mechanical repairs are disclosed.

My commitment: If you buy a pen from me and it is not as described or you are otherwise disappointed with it, please feel free to return it. The friendship and goodwill of fellow pen collectors are far more important to me than any sales.

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That's about it for now, any questions, feel free to contact me at

Rick at a pen show, workin' the tables!
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