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How to Order

To order a pen all you need to do is send an email. Be sure to include the number of the pen you wish to order.

We accept PayPal.

Please feel free to review our testimonials below.

A Word on Shipping

Shipping charges are as follows:

Domestic US - $15.00

Canada - $25.00

Priority International - $35.00

Express International - $45.00

What They're Saying About Us

At last I've found a guide to take me through the many mysteries of matching nibs with fountain pens of various vintages. Thank you, Rick, for solving my search for a vintage flex nib to go with a Pelikan M400. This was after months of frustration with a variety of other online sources. Within a couple of weeks of asking Rick's advice, I had an M400 that delivers ink faultlessly and a vintage nib that flexes expressively for my line drawings and calligraphy. Thank you to Rick, my very helpful guide on the other side of the planet. —Ross A. (Australia)

I can't tell you how happy I am with the 51! It's unquestionably the smoothest writer I own, and it's in just beautiful shape. Thanks for such a great deal on a great 51 - I really couldn't be happier with it. —Ryan.

I received the 140 today. . . . It seems to be everything I asked for and more. Its appearance is a bit better than I had expected from the description on your site, too. I expect to start using it immediately as my main writing pen. —David.

The 400 arrived safe and sound today. I've been trying it out and have to say that it is dangerously close to becoming an "all time favorite" of mine already . . . The nib is just right--a nice EF with some spring and looks to be very well suited to my needs. The condition is so pristine it's hard to believe that the pen has been around for a few more decades than I have! —Patric K.

How is it even possible that the vacumatic is the same I sent you? I wish I had before and after photos. You are a miracle worker. My 51 writes like butter and I love the Wing Sungs. —Tina.

I received the 100N sir, are a god among men. Not only does it suck ink like a hoover, the nib (which I thought was a pretty decent writer before) is now astounding - the smoothest among my EF nibs. So my hat goes off to you Rick. Thank you, and best wishes to you and yours. Best, —WNM.

I inked the pen yesterday morning and used it all day long. I have to say, it is a wonderful writer! Thank you. —Paul

You've been just great. You introduced me to the beauties of the Pelikan 100, now part of my regular rotation. All I can say is thanks. —Felicia

The Vac arrived in perfect shape, and I'm just delighted. —Kristi

Wow. You are fast. I stopped by the PO this morning and what should be waiting but my new old Pelikan. It's beautiful and I am enjoying writing with it. Thanks. —Sandi

Your set arrived early this morning. It's difficult to find a set in Forest Green so neat as this. Both FP and BP write wonderfully. I'll keep in touch with your site. —Nicolás

Pelikan arrived. NICE pen. Thanks!! OB nib is very good and takes Waterman Havana Brown nicely. Now I've got to save some money for a 100N...this never ends. —Don

I . . . have tested the pen [you repaired] for a few days. It works great! Thanks for such a superb job. —Donald

The pen arrived! The package was safe, the pen gorgeous! Thank you for the courtesy you applied in the deal. —Luigi

I received the pen, and it is exactly as described. A very smooth, interesting writer. I've now purchased two pens from you. In both cases, the pens were sent quickly, and both were exactly as described. I'm also impressed with your quick replies to e-mails. I definitely look forward to purchasing more pens from you. Thank you! —Mark

Just a note of appreciation to say how much I enjoy this great little twist piston filler. Glad that a site for cool German vintages exists. —Viv

Duofold Jr arrived today and is absolutely fantastic! It writes wonderfully and is really eye-catching. Thanks for a great deal. I can't wait to buy my next pen from you! —Dan

The pen arrived yesterday and has been pressed into service. As you well know, it is a thing of beauty and grace, and a pleasure to use.

I would like to thank you for a superlative buying experience, from the information on your website, to your timely email replies, to the rapid and secure shipping -- to say nothing of the fair price and extraordinary condition of the pen. —Aaron S

I received my 1950 Pelikan 400 in black striped today. This pen is spectacular - a truly fine writing instrument! I absolutely love the simple, elegant, conservative design. And the nib? Well, I just can't believe how perfect it is. It is exactly what I was hoping for! —David K.

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