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Information on the history of Pelikan and on the latest Pelikan products are available from the official Pelikan website.

For those who do not have the Pelikan bible, Pelikan Schreibgeräte, Martin Lehmann's website provides good reliable information:

Werner Rüttinger's site provides an illustrated timeline of vintage Pelikan models as well as vintage nib charts and other information.

Those of you brave enough to attempt Pelikan repairs may find a basic guide to the topic, written by Martin Lehmann and Tom Westerich, to be of use.

Parkers - information for collectors about Parker pens and pencils
My favorite online source for information on all things Parker. features bushels of information on this iconic Parker model.

Plenty of information about the Parker 75 may be found at

There's no shortage of information, opinion, or Vacs at Vacumania.


Peter Ford is an old pen buddy and one of the best penmen around. After closing Melbourne Pens, this is his new venture:

InkPen is Joel Hamilton's fine site, a great source for vintage Parkers and modern Pelikans.

Nibmeister John Mottishaw's site may be found at

Nib guru Richard Binder keeps his site chock-full of informative articles and essays, glossaries, timelines, and pens for sale.

Gary Kaplan is a fine gentleman and a knowledgeable collector whose site always has varied and interesting pens.

An array of spectacular pens for sale, and a healthy dose of solid and useful pen info is always on hand at David Nishimura's

Pen Hero is a great source for all the pen-related links you can handle.

PENguin friend and pen-maker extraordinare Bruno Corsini now boasts a web presence!

Greg Minuskin offers retipping services and a variety of excellent vintage pens, often with special retipped nibs.

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