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Tortoise Pelikan 100N & 101N
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Pelikan Tortoise 100N/101Ns (from left to right)

MA1: 1937 Pelikan 100N in tortoise and red hard rubber. One of the iconic Pelikans and a first year model to boot. The binde is a dark tortoise and the ink window has darkened to a rich clear ruby. Otherwise the pen is in excellent condition with a plain script 14 Karat OBB nib.This is a superb addition to any collection. $1,600 SOLD

PE3865: 1938 Pelikan 101N in tortoise and red hard rubber. Folks are always asking me about more affordable tortoise 10Ns and usually I have to disappoint them. Not this time. I just got in a very clean pen but with several caplip cracks which I have stabilized and sealed. The captop is also a bit crazed. The barrel is completely obscured. The pen is fully restored and carries the usual guarantee. It has a double incised script 14 Karat 585 Fine nib that easily flexes to BB. This would make a superb user or a fine start to an advanced collection. $675 SOLD

PE3866: 1938 Pelikan 101N in tortoise and red hard rubber. This pen is in very good, but not pristine, condition. The cap and barrel colors match nicely. The captop is a bit crazed. The barrel is dark, but translucent. The pen has a plain script 14 Karat 585 Fine nib with just a bit of flex. Overall, a nice if not perfect, pen. $1,200

PE3584: This is a post World War II pen from about 1950. It was made for the English language market so the imprint is Pelican. It has a light tortoise barrel band and the cap is just a bit darker. A very clean pen with a Medium nib. This pen is collection grade especially with the uncommon markings. But if you have a mind to do so it would be a superb, yet practical, pen for everyday use. $1,400

HL25: This is another post-war pen, this time with a somewhat clearer, darker barrel band and a very nice match between the barrel and cap. With a fine nib. $1,200

PE3867: 1939 Pelikan 200 in tortoise and red hard rubber. This pencil is in good working order with a light tortoise binde with nice red highlights. This pencil would be a fine companion to any of the pens above. $350

Year: 1937 - 1950   Condition: See description
Cap: Red hard rubber or resin/tortoise celluloid or resin   Body: tortoise band
Nib: 14 K various   Price: See description
Length: 4 3/4"   Flaws: See description

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