1950s Pelikan Gimborn 300

Comparison with standard 140:
Year:  1950s Condition:  Excellent +
Cap:  black celluloid Body:  black celluloid
Nib:  Gimborn script fine Price:  $325.00
Length:  5 1/4" (13.4 cm) Flaws:  None
1950s Pelikan 300, Gimborn. Those of you familiar with these pens know that this was basically the oversize 140 and none of them are exactly common. This one, in black, is even more desirable as it has the Gimborn marking, denoting that it was made for the German machine tool making company. The nib, also marked Gimborn, is a fine, 14 K. This is a most uncommon pen, I only recently got my first Gimborn.
PE 1913