1956 Pelikan 400N/450N Set

Year:  1956 Condition:  Very Good -
Cap:  Black acrylic Body:  Green striped celluloid over acrylic
Nib:  14 K fine Price:  $475.00
Length:  5" Flaws:  Damage to section
1956 Pelikan 400N/450N set in the classic green stripes, in the leather carry case. The 400N was produced for just eleven months in 1956; to find any 400Ns is uncommon, to get a set like this is doubly so. This set shows little wear, but despite the nib sticker it has been used. The seal developed a pinhole and it leaked. A botched repair destroyed the turning knob, which I have replaced with a completely correct part, and scarred the section. Still a lovely part of a collection or to use. The nib, which can be switched is, as indicated, a fine.
$475.00 the set.