1950s Light Tortoise Pelikan 400

Year:  1950s Condition:  Good +
Cap:  Brown Body:  Mother-of-pearl acrylic
Nib:  Negotiable Price:  $950.00
Length:  5" (12.7cm) Flaws:   See description

1950s Pelikan 400 in light tortoise shell (aka mother of pearl) with a brown cap and turning knob. According to the catalogues, Pelikan never made a "half" light tortoise shell 400, though they did make a pencil. So here is a half tortoise shell pen. Is it real, yeah, in the sense that I made it of appropriate parts. Did such a pen ever come out of Hannover? Who knows? The nib is negotiable and the cap has an invisibly repaired crack. Oh and the barrel belonged to J.R. Greenfield. Regardless, it's fun, very uncommon and fairly reasonable at $950.00.

If someone wants the set, pen and pencil as shown, contact me, we can talk about it, though the pencil will probably cost as much as the pen. Note that this pencil is very early, with two cap bands rather than the later configuration.

PE 1697