1954 Seagreen Pelikan 400

Year:  1954 Condition:  Good
Cap:  Blue-green acrylic Body:  Green striped celluloid blue-green section and knob
Nib:  EF logo, some choice Price:  $275.00
Length:  5" Flaws:  Brassing to cap band, repaired cap crack
1954 Pelikan 400 in the very uncommon color usually referred to as seagreen. This model features a dark green barrel accented by a dark green cap and turning knob. I see five or six grays for every seagreen (and grays are uncommon). This picture compares the sea green pen (top) with a green and a gray, although the difference appears more subtle in the photo than in life. Normally these pens go for upwards of $400.00, but this one is not perfect. The cap band is brassed over about 50%, though it polishes up well and could be lacquered. Also there is a repaired crack on the cap, rising about 13 mm from the cap band. This crack has been solvent welded, filled and polished and has a lifetime guarantee. Some choice of nibs.