1940s Grey Pelikan 100N Set

Year:  1940s Condition:  Very Good
Cap:  Black celluloid Body:  Green celluloid body/gray striped band
Nib:  14 K fine with good flex Price:  $575.00
Length:  4 7/8" Flaws:  None
1940s Pelikan 100N set. An early post war set with gray striped barrel bands. This is the deep black and gray. The creen celluloid body is clear and sharp. Both pen and pencil are clean, the only flaw is slight damage (repaired) to the binde at the turning knob end. The nib is 14 K 585, early post war, shows some wear to or a weak imprint, fine with superb flex. IĠd call this a super set for daily use or an essential part of the collection.
PE 743