1940 Gray Pelikan 100N Set

Year:  1940 Condition:  Very Good
Cap:   Black celluloid and hard rubber Body:  green acrylic with gray and black binde
Nib:  585 14 k Fine Price:  $800.00
Length:  4 7/8" Flaws:  clouded barrel
1940 Pelikan 100N pen and pencil set. The pen in this set is a wartime model with the one piece shaft, which has lost its paint and is clouded but entirely sound. The captube is hard rubber, the other fittings celluloid (this mix is correct for this era). The pencil is entirely celluloid. The nib is an incised script Pelikan 585 14K fine with moderate flex. A super set at an affordable price. $800.00. You could easily pay this much for the pen alone.