c1948 Black Milano 100N

Year:  c1948 Condition:  Excellent
Cap:   Black Body:  Green/Black
Nib:  Fine, flexible Price:  $450.00
Length:  4 3/4" Flaws:  None

c 1948 Pelikan 100N Milano. Following World War II, Pelikan, for reasons still obscure, opened a factory in Milan, Italy. Apparently, it turned out not to have been a good idea and the plant was quickly closed, But in the interim they produced some interesting Pelikan variants. Almost all the pens produced were variations on the 100N. The most notable variation is no barrel band. The Italians incorporated the German binde into the barrel in the manner of a more conventional pen. They also produced some interesting, characteristically Italian nibs in both alloy and gold and some clip variants.

For the first time I am able to offer one of these. It is green and the images (to follow) show how it varies from the usual Pelikan marmoriert bands. These are more marbled and richer in color.

This pen is in superb condition with a fine flexible nib at $450.00.