1938 Lizard Pelikan 101N

Year:  1938 Condition:  Excellent+
Cap:  Lizard celluloid Body:  Lizard celluloid
Nib:  14 K medium Price:  $1800.00
Length:  4 3/4" Flaws:  None
1938 Pelikan 101N in Lizard. This has the dark green celluloid body and early captop imprint appropriate to the model and year. The lizard is arguably the most beautiful of the remarkable Pelikan celluloids. This is probably the finest, cleanest example I have ever had in my hands. It has a great medium nib, though that, as always is negotiable. I'll let the images say the rest. I guess the major problem with the pen is the cost,
But if any pen is worth that, this one is.