1948 Brown-banded Pelikan 100N

Year:  1948 Condition:  Very Good
Cap:  Black celluloid Body:  Brown and black celluloid
Nib:  14 K medium Price:  $500.00
Length:  4 3/4" Flaws:  Some plating wear
1948 Pelikan 100N, black and golden brown binde. This is one of those "what is it" pens. I got it as part of a larger purchase, sold as parts. At first I assumed it was a severely discolored green, but after taking it off the junker barrel I realized that it was something else. I would dismiss it as some sort of copy, but it looks and feels original. However there is no record of there having been a "gelb" 100N. I do have something similar in my own collection, Milan production, but this is not the same. Who knows? Buy it and you can decide. Medium 585 14 K nib.