1950 Tortoise Shell Pelikan 100N

Year:  1950 Condition:  Excellent
Cap:  Red celluloid Body:  Green celluloid/tortoise celluloid band
Nib:  14 K fine flex Price:  $1350.00
Length:  4 7/8" Flaws:  None
This is a late tortoise 100N, from the period 1949-1952, and it is picture perfect. The nib is a lovely flexible fine. As is common on these pens, the color of cap and captop is not quite perfectly matched. These are wonderfully beautiful pens, and every serious Pelikan collection needs one--and, of course, 100Ns make most reliable, durable users. This pen is

Webmaster's note: I have one of these, though not in quite such fine shape, and it's an absolute fave and draws a lot of compliments. Oh, and as beautiful as the tortoise body is, there's just something wonderful about a red cap with a Pelikan logo on top... Wow this is one glorious pen...