1938 Pelikan 100N Toledo

Year:  1938 Condition:  Fair
Cap:  Black hard rubber, vented Body:  Yellow celluloid with steel Toledo band
Nib:  14 K fine Price:  $2800.00
Length:  4 5/8" Flaws:  Worn Toledo band, trim and clip
1938 Pelikan 100N Toledo. This is an early 100N with hard rubber cap and filler knob and the yellow celluloid body. Completely intact and correct. So why is it so (relatively) cheap ($2800.00, cheap???)? The pen is very worn, there is virtually no gold left on the birds. But, it is an excellent candidate for restoration (and I can assist the buyer in securing those services). So here it is, either a user Toledo, a first Toledo so you can trade up (which is what I have done) or a candidate for restoration. The fine nib can be changed at the buyer’s request.