1935 Toledo Pelikan 111T

Year:  1935 Condition:  Excellent
Cap:  Black hard rubber Body:  Green celluloid/Toledo band
Nib:  Oblique medium Price:  $4500.00
Length:  4 5/8" Flaws:  Limited wear points and damage to binde
1935 Pelikan 111T. The famous Toledo. Early green celluloid body, hard rubber cap with the old styled captop logo. This pen is a real mixed bag. Toledos are valued according to how much of the original gold remains. My own pen is 85%, and that's about as good as you can find these days. This pen is that good. But . . . there are several points of wear, most notably under the bird. The damage shows up clearly in the images. If it were not there, the pen would have a value of at least $7000.00 even in today's market. Instead it is
Honestly, this pen is better than the first two Toledos that I owned.