1939 Green Pelikan 100

Year:  1939 Condition:  Excellent
Cap:  Black acrylic Body:  Green acrylic body/green striped band
Nib:  Fine, rigid CN Price:  $325.00
Length:  4 7/8" Flaws:  None
1939 Pelikan 100. Commonly (but incorrectly) called the 100C, this pen is all celluloid with a smooth turning knob (celluloid proved too difficult to mill like the earlier knobs). This was an export model, marked "Gunther Wagner," rather than DRP. It has a wonderful CN nib, that is fine and rigid. A completely original pen.
$325.00. (at the buyer’s request, I will swap into this pen a gold nib, but only after trying to convince him/her not to.)