1930 Black Pelikan

Year:  1930 Condition:  Excellent
Cap:  black hard rubber Body:  cellulose nitrate/black binde
Nib:  14 K OB with loads of flex Price:  $650.00
Length:  4 3/8" Flaws:  none
1930 Pelikan, black hard rubber with black celluloid binde. This is another very special pen with all the characteristics of a very early Pelikan including a light, clear yellow cellulose nitrate body and the straight section. The pen came to me with a replaced cap. So I refitted a late 1930 cap, the very uncommon single vent variant (with different vent holes than those adopted after 1933) and the cylindrical captop that would have been appropriate to this model. All in all this pen is essential to a complete collection of early Pelikans. But wait, there's more... This pen comes with a superbly flexible OB nib. This pen is not cheap, but it is superb. $650.00.