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1931 Pelikan Jade Green 100

Year:  1931 Condition:  VG to Excellent
Cap:   Black hard rubber Body:  Yellow celluloid with jade binde
Nib:  14 K Stub Price:  $1200.00
Length:  4 5/8" Flaws:  minor brassing
1931 Pelikan 100 with a striped jade binde. The binde is the forerunner to the green marbled, but is a deep jade, the pattern made from laminated strips of marbled celluloid. This pen, with a stub nib somewhere between medium and broad, is flawless. The gold trim shows just a bit of brassing, the turning knob is strong. Captop imprints are average. It comes in the original export box with instructions in French. $1200.00. For the advanced collector this is the chance of a lifetime.