1930 Green Striped Second Year Pelikan

Year:  1930 Condition:  Excellent
Cap:  Black hard rubber Body:  Bakelite/green striped band
Nib:  Fine, moderate flex Price:  $900.00
Length:  4 5/8" Flaws:  None
1930 Pelikan. Technically, this gorgeous second-year pen is not a 100; that designation was not introduced until 1931. It is the early light green striped species, in the box. Although the box shows some wear and has been scribbled on, it is the original, from 1929 actually, and the papers (also written on) show a 1929 pen. This is the correct box for an early 1930 pen. The entire offering is remarkably complete, intact, and original. The pen is perfectly clean without flaw other than the expected signs of very careful use. The Binde is an early green stripe, the color remarkably uniform. As this pen is from early 1930, it still has the bakelite body which was used in the first year. I have done nothing to the pen but gently clean and polish it. It even has the original cork seal, which I will guarantee--if it ever fails, I will then replace it. Its real beauty is that it is a pen that is completely original, no one has messed with it and its condition is so nice. It's not new or near mint, but shows the kind of careful use and lack of tampering that I really like in a pen. (That said, because this is an early, bakelite-bodied 1930, the intriguing possibility does exist of "taking it back" to 1929 by fitting a first-year cap and heart hole nib--please email me for details and costs if interested.) This would be a fantastic addition to any early Pelikan collection.