1940 Niello Toledo Pelikan 100

Year:  1940 Condition:  Very Good
Cap:  Black hard rubber Body:  Green celluloid/silver enamel Toledo-style band
Nib:  14 K 585 medium Price:  $1100.00
Length:  4 5/8" Flaws:  Darkened ink window
1940 Niello (enamel over silver) Toledo copy built on a Pelikan 100. This has to be one of the most amusing pens I've been able to offer. The binde is not Pelikan made, but is rather exquisite. Apart from an excellent band, perhaps the most charming aspect of the pen is the reproduction silver Toledo clip. It does have a crack in the clip ring. It came to me with a rather clapped out cap, with gold rings. I have replaced that with a bandless captube of unknown origin (Pelikan, but date unclear).
It is $1100.00. It's a pretty uncommon and interesting piece.