1940 Black Pelikan 100C

Year:  1940 Condition:  Very Good+
Cap:  Black celluloid Body:  Green celluloid/black celluloid band
Nib:  Fine steel rigid Price:  $285.00
Length:  4 5/8" Flaws:  A few marks on turning knob
1940 Pelikan 100C, black celluloid cap and barrel, smooth turning knob, of course. This pen is in superb condition, from the flawless trim to the crystal clear ink window. Wartime CN steel nib, fine rigid. This pen is just a sweet little gem, and if you donÕt have a wartime steel nibbed Pelikan you should. If you wish a flex nib, I can offer some range of steel flex nibs. If you want a gold nib, IÕll be happy to fit one but with a $50.00 premium. This is a very special pen.