1942 Parker Vacumatic Blue Diamond set

Year:  1942 Condition:  Good
Cap:  emerald stripe celluloid Body:  emerald stripe celluloid
Nib:  two toned fine Price:  $225.00
Length:  5 3/8" Flaws:  see text
1942 Parker Blue Diamond Vacumatic double jewelled long major set in emerald. A rather curious set. The barrel of the pen is marked last quarter 1942, but the cap has a striped jewel. The pencil is marked last quarter 1937 (47) and has a thin arrow band. Its shape is that of an earlier standard or later Maxima. It has a later clip (which I could replace back to the "original"). The colour is quite nice, though the two tone nib has some cosmetic damage. A good, attractive user set or a candidate for use to make other sets. $225.00
PA 2008