1938 Parker Vacumatic DJ Standard

Year:  1938 Condition:  very good
Cap:  golden stripe celluloid Body:  golden stripe celluloid
Nib:  two-toned fine Price:  $195.00
Length:  5 3/8" Flaws:  see text
1938 Parker Vacumatic double jewelled Standard in golden stripe. Here Parker's dizzying nomenclature can beggar description, but the pen has the triple band cap with the streamline shape and a long body with the long tapered blind cap of the later models. It is a catalogued transition pen, and not so very common. The nib is two toned and looks to be a 1941 replacement. The filler is a wartime plastic replacement. Very clean and essential to an emerging Vac collection. $195.00. If desired, I would be willing to restore this to original parts condition.
PA 2007