1937 Black Parker Oversize Vacumatic

Year:  1937 Condition:  Very Good+
Cap:  black celluloid Body:  black celluloid
Nib:  single tone fine, a hint of flex Price:  $395.00
Length:  5 ¼" Flaws:  none
1937 Parker Oversize Vacumatic in black celluloid. Black is actually the least common of the Vac colours as everyone wanted the stripes. It makes, however, a uniquely elegant pen as black highlights the classic lines of this iconic pen. This is one of the last of the Oversize Vacs, as the third quarter of 1937 saw the introduction of the Maxima. The pen has a single tone fine nib with just a hint of flex. An elegant pen to use or to help start a Vacumatic collection. Fairly priced, I think, at $395.00.