1932 Grey Striped Parker Vacuum Filler Set

Year:  1932 Condition:  Very good
Cap:  Gray striped celluloid Body:  Gray striped celluloid
Nib:  Medium Price:  $305.00
Length:  5 1/8" Flaws:  Name, ambering on pen barrel
1932 Parker Vacuum Filler Set, gray striped celluloid, nickle plated trim. A real uncommon set. These did belong to Ralph K. Newton, professionally and inconspicuously engraved on both pieces. Some barrel ambering and plating loss to the clip which is not as bad as it looks on the images. An essential cornerstone of any Vacumatic collection. The two tone arrow nib has a round point and is smooth. It has an almost European feel and is a treat to write with. The pencil is perfect.