1936 Burgundy Pearl Oversize Parker Vacumatic

Year:  1936 Condition:  Good
Cap:  Burgundy pearl laminated celluloid Body:  Burgundy pearl laminated celluloid
Nib:  Two tone, medium to broad Price:  $375.00
Length:  5 3/8" Flaws:  Repaired crack
ca. 1936 Parker Vacumatic Oversize. Burgundy pearl, good even color. Excellent barrel transparency. Medium to broad two-tone nib. Great, smooth writer Completely correct, but with a cap lip hairline crack below the first cap band. The crack has been fully repaired (not just stabilized) and is barely visible. Weak imprint. Otherwise very good, fully restored, condition. If you can live with the flaw, this is an uncommon pen at a great price.