1930s Silver Pearl Parker Oversize Vacumatic

Year:  1930s Condition:  Strange
Cap:  Silver pearl celluloid Body:  Silver pearl celluloid
Nib:  Fine Price:  $250.00
Length:  5 1/8" Flaws:  See below
1930s Parker Oversize Vacumatic. Yet another oddball. This appears to be an early silver pearl Oversize Vacumatic with no imprint, but the name of Donald D. Davis M.D. The other interesting thing about the pen is the trim, which looks to have had the nickle polished off and possibly gold plated. I want to make clear that this is NOT a "reverse trim" pen. The barrel is quite transparent but ambered. The section is black, the nib, single toned, looks to be fine. The caplip on this pen is short but does not appear to have been shaved. Curious pen at a great price.