1948 Dove Gray Parker Blue Diamond 51

Year:  1948 Condition:  Good+
Cap:  Gold filled heirloom Body:  Dove gray lucite
Nib:  Medium to broad Price:  $175.00
Length:  5 3/8" Flaws:  Barrel shape?
1948 Parker Blue Diamond 51. Dove Gray double jeweled vacumatic filler with gold filled cap with two very minor dings. A very curious pen. As the photos show, the pen has an unusual shape, probably because an early repair person turned down the barrel too far in order to reset the blind cap. However as late as this pen is . . . well, who knows. The color is much better on the pen than the photos suggest. The good news is that the pen is inexpensive for these faults. The nib is actually medium to broad, so what you have here is an excellent user grade double jewel at little more than the price of a single jewel.