1946 Black Parker 51 "Window Pane" Caps

Year:  1946 Condition:  Very good
Cap:  Gold filled Heirloom with 14 K trim Body:  India black
Nib:  Fine to medium Price:  $495.00
Length:  5 3/8" Flaws:  Gold fill trim on the bottoms is not 14 K
1946 Parker 51 Blue Diamond double jewel vacumatic fill set, black with very clean gold filled Heirloom caps. 14K trim on top, but not at the tassie or ferrule. These came out of my collection. Why are they for sale, you ask? Well, I just got a near mint set and the pencil on this set does show one ding. Otherwise they are perfect. The nib is a very smooth fine to medium. An essential part of any 51 collection or a great user for the advanced 51 collector.
PA 704