1942 Dove Grey Parker 51 Blue Diamond Double Jewel Set

Year:  1942 Condition:  Excellent
Cap:  Gold filled wavy lines Body:  Dove gray
Nib:  Fine Price:  $350.00
Length:  5 3/8" Flaws:  Replacement pencil barrel
1942 Parker 51 blue diamond double jewel fountain pen and pencil, dove gray, gold filled wavy lined cap, in the original box. This set features an early cap pattern that alternates straight and wavy lines as seen earlier on the Imperial Vacs. The cap of the pen has the imprint at captop as did the first year models, the cap of the pencil has the more common cap imprints at the band. The pen is in excellent condition, but the pencil has a replacement barrel. This set is an essential part of any 51 collection and not to be missed.