1944 Parker 51

Year:  1944 Condition:  Excellent +
Cap:  14 K smooth solid gold! Body:  Black acrylic
Nib:  14 K Fine Price:  $800.00
Length:  5 3/8" Flaws:  barely perceptible ripples in cap
1944 Parker 51 Blue Diamond double jewel in India Black. The real deal here is the cap, which is smooth 14 K solid gold. A very cool and elegant pen. The cap is not perfect, however. Though it shows no wear or scratching or dings, when held to the light at the right angles you can see some ripples which are impossible to photograph, even with my wonderful new Canon S5IS. The nib is the standard fine, though I can fit an aftermarket broad italic to it, if desired. Again, the price reflects the minute imperfections in the cap (these truly are noticeable only under close scrutiny). $800.00.