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1948 Gold-filled Signet Parker 51

Year:  1950s Condition:  Very Good
Cap:  Gold filled Body:  Gold filled
Nib:  See below Price:  See below
Length:  5 3/8" Flaws:  See below
The Parker Signet is a vastly under appreciated pen. If it had been made by Pelikan or MontBlanc it would be worth four (or more) times the asking price.

PA1540: 1950s Parker 51. This is an Argentinean Insignia, the Spanish version of the Signet. The pen is letter perfect, and, better yet, has a broad italic nib.

PA1541: 1948 Parker 51 Signet, all gold filled. This is a very good user grade pen, with no plating wear but with three minor dings and a slightly larger one. This has a fairly uncommon medium nib.