1946 Cordovan Double Jewel Blue Diamond Parker 51

Year:  1946 Condition:  Good
Cap:  1/10 16 K gold filled Heirloom Body:  Cordovan acrylic
Nib:  Medium/fine Price:  $350.00
Length:  5 3/8" Flaws:  Dents and dings to cap
1946 Blue Diamond Parker 51, double jeweled cordovan, with gold filled heirloom or windowpane design cap. The good news is that this is a fairly uncommon windowpane cap. The bad news is that it is pretty battered. It has 2 or 3 dings and creases and a large dent that I have minimized. It looks better than I've described it. This would make a great, stylish user or send it to Rick Horne to have the cap restored. Either way a good bargain at
You'd pay that much for a regular cord DJ.