1944 Buckskin Parker 51 Set

Year:  1944 Condition:  Good (see the description)
Cap:  Gold Filled, 1/10 16 K Body:  Buckskin lucite
Nib:  Medium Price:  $350.00 the set$275.00 the set
Length:  5 1/2" Flaws:  Pen discolored, tiny scratch to the pen cap
1944 Parker 51 set. Buckskin, sometimes called cocoa. Vacumatic fill. The least common of the 51 colors. Evenly lined gold filled cap 1/10 16 k gold filled. Double jeweled. But that this set were perfect. The photos show the engraved name, E. Le Guyader and the color shift on the pen. Otherwise in good, fully restored condition. One tiny scratch to the pen cap. A great daily user or part of a collection. The price reflects the condition.
$350.00 the set
$275.00 the set