1992 Mont Blanc Lorenzo de Medici

Year:  1992 Condition:  Mint
Cap:  Sterling silver overlay Body:  Sterling silver overlay
Nib:  18 K medium (or fine) Price:  $7200.00 (used—$4200.00)
Length:  5 1/2" Flaws:  None (used as noted)
1992 Mont Blanc Lorenzo de Medici, hand engraved 925 octagonal sterling silver overlay. Arguably, it was the Lorenzo that began the modern craze for limited edition pens (yeah, yeah, I know, there was the Spanish Treasure pen of 1964, but it did not touch things off the way this pen did). And it's no wonder. This is a large, substantial and quite gorgeous hand-engraved pen. Despite its size and weight it is a superb writer with great balance and feel. Through a chain of circumstances too complex to explain, I ended up with two of these. The one offered has been opened and dipped, but shows no other signs of use. It is complete and correct, except for the cellophane, and has a medium nib. It is 3376/4810. These iconic pens have never been cheap and continue to rise in the market. This one is

Used—Alternatively, I am willing to sell my own pen, which has been used and shows slight signs of it. There are no dents or dings on the overlay, but the knurling on the turning knob is lightly scarred. This pen, 3479/4800, comes with the inner box but no papers, and has a fine nib. I would grade it as Very Good+.
It is $4200.00.

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