2004 Waterman Edson

Year:  2004 Condition:  Very good+
Cap:  Sterling silver Body:  Sterling silver
Nib:  18 K rhodianated broad stub Price:  $400.00
Length:  6" Flaws:  1 mm captop ding
The Waterman Edson is one of the most spectacular of the modern, or rather post-modern, pens and took the pen world by storm when introduced in the 1990s. Since then the company has come out with a series of limited edition versions, the most spectacular of which is this one in a sterling silver cross hatch pattern. The pen, which is sleekly massive, looks cool and elegant in silver. This one has a tiny dent at the captop, barely noticeable, and has a broad stub nib. The pen comes with all boxes and papers and is otherwise flawless.