1999 Green/Bronze Stipula Nettuno Idra

Year:  1999 Condition:  Near mint
Cap:  Green and Bronze marbled celluloid Body:  Green and Bronze marbled celluloid
Nib:  Large nib, medium Price:  $295.00
Length:  5 1/4" Flaws:  Missing papers
1999 Stipula Nettuno Idra. Green and Bronze marbled celluloid. Limited edition of only 511. Sold out. Italian pens are gorgeous, but often problematical. Not this one. Used, but showing no signs of use, this pen is everything Italian pens can be. Converter, cartridge or nifty sleeve filler. Medium nib. This is a heavy pen, because of the mechanism, giving it a nice, balanced, solid feel. Papers are missing, has inner and outer box.