1980s Black Cross Townsend

Year:  1980s Condition:  Excellent
Cap:  Black lacquer over brass Body:  Black lacquer over brass
Nib:  Fine 14 K Price:  $95.00
Length:  6" Flaws:  None
1980s Cross Townsend. Black lacquer over brass. The honorable name of Cross has forever been tainted by those skinny little ballpoint and mechanical pencil sets that our fathers got from the boss or clients for Christmas. The reality is that this is a great, substantial pen (exactly six inches long) with a 14 K nib by Bock, the great German maker. It has the same nib and feed as Pelikan. Fully cleaned and reconditioned with a brand new twist fill convertor. If you like big, heavy, bulletproof pens, here's the thing.